Hi there! In case you weren’t aware- fine lines are actually wrinkles, only much more shallow. Think of them as wrinkles in their beginning stages!

There are two main factors that contribute to the formation of fine lines AND their eventual evolve: wrinkles.

  1. The main causes are bad muscle habits and muscle weakness. On a person’s face, these two things will affect ALL of the muscles, even if only a few are directly contributing to the issue. Your best weapon for this battle is to find a facial exercising program that you will follow without fail- the truth is that it takes A LOT of continuous, dedicated effort to fix naughty muscles. As you strengthen the muscles, the lines will gradually become more and more shallow- with the possibility of eventually disappearing completely. But I want to stress to you: this is not a lightning-fast fix- time plus effort equals results.
  2. The secondary, less impacting cause is that of the quality of the skin. Skin, our biggest organ, is affected by many factors: genetics, environment, and mostly- what we put into and onto our bodies. The food we eat, how much water we drink, and what types of products we use (if you use products or consume products with a high content of chemicals/pesticides/additives, your body must work harder to try to purge these things- not to mention that OF COURSE you are under attack by their negative effects on you- this all adds up to serious effects on your skin’s health). Trying to eat healthier (organic if you can afford it- I just recently read of a study conducted a few years back that concluded that after just ONE WEEK of eating a MOSTLY <meaning not entirely!> organic diet, there was a 96% reduction in the pesticide level of the tested persons’ bodies. WOW!!), drink plenty of plain water, and opt for safer personal products (free and clear laundry detergent is a great place to start!). Additionally, a good skin care routine of proper cleansing and moisturizing, along with sufficient ‘beauty rest’ will improve your skin dramatically. Good skin care need not be expensive nor time consuming, just appropriate.

Please check out my other articles! My website is very new, and I am in the process of learning how to optimize it for my readers- but I have a few articles posted, with more to come soon! There’s already some info about several facial exercise programs I have personally tried, as well as safer products and ingredients you can use for skin care. Take care, and good luck!! 🙂

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